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Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry

BPharmacy, 1st Semester, 2017 - Question Paper

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Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry BPharmacy 1st semester 2017 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

Roll No....................... Dec, 2017/104S17 (B. Pharmacy 1st Semester-2017) Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Time: Three hours M. Marks: 75 Note: Do not write anything except roll no. on this question paper Section-A Multiple Choice Questions- Attempt all questions Q.1 (a) In the limit test for chloride, the turbidity is due to the formation of: 20x1=20 (i) Silver chloride (ii) Silver nitrate (iii) Silver thiocyanate (iv) None of the above (b) Identify the reagent used in sulphur limit test: (i) Silver nitrate reagent (ii) Barium sulphate reagent (iii) Thioglycollic acid (iv) Citric acid (c) Seventh edition of Indian Pharmacopoeia was released in: (i) 1996 (ii) 2007 (iii) 2010 (iv) 2014 (d) In the iron limit test ammonia solution is added to: (i) Complex iron (ii) make the solution alkaline (iii) Make the solution acidic (iv) Neutralise the solution (e) In the arsenic limit test lead acetate cotton wool is used to: (i) Trap H2S gas (ii) To trap arsine gas (iii) To filter the impurities (iv) All of the above (f) Buffer solution is used to: (i) Maintain pH of solution (ii) Make the solution alkaline (iii) Make the solution acidic (iv) None of these (g) Calcium gluconate is prepared by: (i) Lactic acid and CaCO3 (ii)Oxalic acid and CaCO3 (iii) Gluconic acid CaCO3 (iv) Gluconic acid and Ca(OH)2 (h) Replacement therapy is needed for: (i) Heavy loss of water (ii) Prolonged fever (iii) Diarrhoea (iv) All of the above (i) To prevent dental caries toothpaste containing .............. should be used: (i) Boric acid (ii) Sodium fluoride (iii) Potassium chloride (iv) Aluminium hydroxide (j) Calcium containing antacid differ from aluminium containing antacid: (i) Depend upon their basic property (ii) Do not have any amphoteric affect (iii) Do not cause systemic alkalosis (iv) All of the above (k) Saline cathartics should not be given to: (i) Patients with cardiovascular disorders (ii) Patients with history of convulsions (iii) Patients with low sodium diet (iv) Patients with muscular disorders (l) Ammonium chloride is used as: (i) Expectorant (ii) Diuretic (iii) Systemic acidifier (iv) All of the above (m) Dried aluminium hydroxide gel contains: (i) Hydrated aluminium oxide (ii) Small quantities of basics aluminium carbonate and bicarbonate (iii) Both (i) & (ii) (iv) None of these (n) The followings are the inorganic antimicrobials except: (i) Magnesium sulphate (ii) Hydrogen peroxide (iii) Chlorinated lime (iv) Boric acid (o) Identify the antidote for poisoning: (i) Sodium thiosulphate (ii) Ammonium chloride (iii) Potassium iodide (iv) Bentonite (p) Identify the haematinics substance: (i) Potassium iodide (ii) Ferrous sulphate (iii) Copper sulphate (iv) All of the above (q) Rochelle salt is: (i) Sodium carbonate (ii) Potash alum (iii) Sodium potassium tartrate (iv) Sodium thiosulphate (r) The radiation is measured is terms of: (i) Curie (ii) Millicurie (iii) Microcurie (iv) All of the above (s) The use of sodium rose Bengal (I-131) is: (i) Study of K ion exchange (ii) Liver scanning (iii) Plasma volume determination (iv) Brain scanning (t) Beta radiation is: (i) Helium ions (ii) Fast moving alectrons (iii) fast moving protons (iv) None of the above Section-B Long answer type questions. Answer any 2 questions. Q.2 Write notes on: 10 (a) Limit test for iron (b) Discuss the preparation, properties, medicinal uses and assay of sodium chloride. Q.3 Write notes on: 10 (a) Discuss the preparation, properties, medicinal uses and assay of hydrogen peroxide. (b) Zinc sulphate Q.4 Write notes on: 10 (a) Discuss a method to determine radioactivity (b) Physiological acid base balance. Section-C Short answer type questions, Answer any 7 questions Q.5 Discuss the history pharmacopoeia . 5 Q.6 Discuss about oral rehydration salt. 5 Q.7 Write notes on zinc eugenol cement. 5 Q.8 Write notes on sodium orthophosphate. 5 Q.9 Write notes on aluminium hydroxide. 5 Q.10 Write notes on Ferrous gluconate. 5 Q.11 Discuss the preparation, medicinal uses and assay of copper sulphate. 5 Q.12 Write notes on pharmaceutical application of radioisotopes. 5 Q.13 Write notes on buffers used in pharmaceutical system. 5

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