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Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BPharmacy, 1st Semester, 2017 - Question Paper

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Human Anatomy and Physiology I BPharmacy 1st semester 2017 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

Roll No....................... Dec, 2017/101S17 (B. Pharmacy 1st Semester-2017) Human Anatomy and Physiology-I Time: Three hours M. Marks: 75 Note: Do not write anything except roll no. on this question paper Section-A Multiple Choice Questions- Attempt all questions Q.1 (a) What is anatomy? 20x1=20 (i) Study of mechanisms in living system (ii) Study of structural organization (iii) Study of blood flow (iv) Study of chemical processes of living system (b) What is cell signalling? (i) Part of cell communication (ii) Process that increase in number of cells (iii) Convey of genetic information (iv) Biological process of cell division (c) What is tissue? (i) Thread like structure of nucleic acid (ii) Group of proteins (iii) Group of cells (iv) Group of cells performing similar function (d) What is cell communication? (i) Transformation of genetic information (ii) Process of cell death (iii) Process of responding to signals (iv) Process of formation of new cells (e) Which is the largest bone in human body? (i) Spinal cord (ii) Femur (iii) Sternum (iv) Fibula (f) Which of the following is division of human skeleton? (i) Axial (ii) Appendicular (iii) Both (iv) None of these (g) Which fluid is present in joints? (i) Cerebrospinal fluid (ii) Synovial fluid (iii) Amniotic fluid (iv) Interstitial fluid (h) Actin interact with.............................for muscle contraction (i) Cytokinin (ii) Myosin (iii) Tyrosin (iv) Thlamin (i) Anaemia is deficiency of: (i) WBC (ii) RBC (iii) Iron in blood (iv) All of these (j) universal blood and ................. is universal blood acceptor (i) A, O (ii) AB, O (iii) O, AB (iv) O, A k) Which is strongest bone in human body? (i) Spinal cord (ii) Femur (iii) Sternum (iv) Fibula (l) Which is the largest lymphatic organ in human? (i) Thymus (ii) Spleen (iii) Appendix (iv) Tonsils (m) Parasympathetic nervous system includes (i) Thoracic nerves (ii) Lumbar nerves (iii) Sacral nerves (iv) None of these (n) Spinal nerves carries: (i) Motor signal (ii) Sensory signals (iii) Autonomic signals (iv) All of these (o) Last part of tongue has taste buds for ....... Taste: (i) Bitter (ii) Salt (iii) Sweet (iv) Sour (p) Where the aqueous humor present in eye? (i) Frontal parts (ii) Behind the lens (iii) All over the eye (iv) Not present in eye (q) Cardiac outpit is affected by: (i) Rate of contrationof heart (ii) Force of concentration of heart (iii) Stroke volume (iv) All of these (r) Name the artery which carry deoxygenated blood: (i) Carotid (ii) Aorta (iii) Pulmonary (iv) Radial (s) Blood pressure is the pressure of blood on the walls of: (i) Veins (ii) Blood vessels (iii) Arteries (iv) Heart Walls (t) Baroreceptors help in .................. (i) Urine formation (ii) Blood pressure (iii) Pupil dilation (iv) Menstrual cycle Section-B Short answer type questions, Answer any 7 questions Q.2 Write note on cell division. 5 Q.3 What in endocrine singling? 5 Q.4 Draw well labelled diagram of inner ear. 5 Q.5 Discuss physiology of muscle contraction. 5 Q.6 Give mechanism of blood coagulation. 5 Q.7 Discuss functions of lymphatic system. 5 Q.8 Discuss physiology of sympathetic nervous system 5 Q.9 Discuss blood circulation in human 5 Q.10 Discuss conduction system of heart with the help of diagram. 5 Section-C Long answer type questions. Answer any 2 questions. Q.11 Discuss elementary tissue of human with their structure, location and functions. 10 Q.12 Give composition of blood and discuss function of its elements. 10 Q.13 Discuss origin and function of cranial nerves. 10

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