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BP703T Pharmacy Practice

BPharmacy, 7th Semester, 2020 - Question Paper

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BP703T Pharmacy Practice BPharmacy 7th semester 2020 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

Roll No.. March, 2021/70317
B. Pharmacy 7" Semester-2021
Pharmacy Practice ......... Time: Three hours M. Marks: 75
Noto: ILIs compulsory to attompt Questlon No 1. Attempt the questions as per the Instructions.
Q.1 Multiple choice questions. (Answer all the questiona).
1. The number of beds in a 'amall hospital' le:
(a) less than 100 (c) 150 1x20=20 (b) 200 (d) 300
N. Which nf the following la not a hospital þaned on type of care?
(a) Prinan (c) Sendary (b) Tertiary (d) Research
MI. The following lalare example of hospitals based on type of medical maft:
(a) Cloased-staff (c) Both a and b (b) Open-staff (d) None of the abow
Iv. The commonly reported ADR of diuretic class of druga ie:
(a) Hypckalemia (c) Alopecia
v. Which of the following responaiblity of community pharmacis
(a) Supervision of drug administration
(b) Reviaws all doses missed, reschedule the doses as necessary and signs all drugs not given notices.
(c) Reviewing of each patient's drug administration forms perodically to ensure all doses have been
(d) Ensures that established policies & procedures are followed.
(b) Rhinitis (d) None ofd dispensing area?
vi. Organogenesis takes place during which of the
(a) Embryonic "(c) Pre embryonic owing stage? (b) Pre-Fetal d) Fetal
vil. Therapeutic drug monitoring Is not regu
(a) Digitoxin · (c) Gentamycin
viil. The sponsor in a clinical study
(a) Country (c) Organization
ix. Science of collecting, monitoring, researching, asaessing and evaluating Information are related to
adverse effects of medications from the healthcare providers and patients, Is known as:
(a) Clinical trials
case of which of the following drug?
(b) Phenytoin (d) Paracetamol (b) Society (d) Cohart (b) Observational study (d) Qualitative study x. OECD stands for:
(a) Organitation for evasive co-operation and development.
(h) Qutcomeeconomy committee developnient.

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