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BMU 2nd ses. BP103T Pharmaceutics I

BPharmacy, 1st Semester, 2021 - Question Paper

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-By Nargesh -Apr. 07, 2021

BMU 2nd ses. BP103T Pharmaceutics I BPharmacy 1st semester 2021 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

Baba Mastnath University (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
2nd Sessional Exam.
Class: B. Pharm. 1" Semester
Time: 01 Hr.
Subject: Pharmaceuties-I (Theory)
Max. Marks: 30 Sr. Questions Marks GIMS No.
Section-A (Objective Type Questions)
Define Gargles, Mouthwashes, Liniments, Syrups and Elixirs.
Section-B (Long Answer Questions)
Define suspension. Explain its advantages and disadvantages.
Define emulsion. Explain methods of preparation of emulsion.
Section-C (Short Answer Questions)
What are the advantages and disadvantages of suppositories?
Write a note on therapeutic incompatibilities.
Write down about evaluation of suppositories.
1. 5x2-10 Any one 2. 10 3. 10 Any Two 4. 05 5. 05 6. 05

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