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2nd sessional Novel Drug DS

BPharmacy, 7th Semester, 2020 - Question Paper

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-By Private account -Mar. 06, 2021

2nd sessional Novel Drug DS BPharmacy 7th semester 2020 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

Novel Drug Delvery Systems (NDOS)
Sessional 2 Theory B. Pharm. semester dt. 06.03.2021
M marks: 30
Atempt three questions. All questions carry equal marks.
Timer ih
1. Attempt all questions. Give answer in 20-30 words.
a Name common dosage forms of M system.
b. Define matrix systems.
C. What is "anomalous drug releasa,
d. What is pH independent drug relene.
e. Gjve a model or equation that deserites drue release behaviour from hydrophil
matrix systems. (OS2-10 marks)
2. Attempt any two questions. Giveanuer in so-80 words.
a Whetáre varoukgelymers used for enteric coating
b. Ge b Technical PGIMŠ (02:5-10 marks
orief accbunt of materials used for oral mutrix systoms.
E wite a short note on bimodal drug release from Mit sytems.
3. Attempt any question. Give anawer in 200-150 words
(01x10-10 marks)
a What are various factors considened in development of oral MR drug delive
b. Give a schematic account of osmotik drug delivery systems

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