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2nd sess Pharmacology II

BPharmacy, 5th Semester, 2019 - Question Paper

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2nd sess Pharmacology II BPharmacy 5th semester 2019 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

Sub. : Pharmaculogy B.Pharm. S sem 2 Sessional Exam Max. Marks: 30 MCQ I mark each
1. Reiationship b/w BP, CO and PVR is A. BP-CO×PVR B. BP-COVPVR C. BP-PVR-CO D. none of these
2. Renin release from the kidney cortex is stimulated by A. Reduced renal arterial pressan B. Sympathetic neural depression C. Decreased sodium concentration D. All of the
abuve GIMS
3. Following are the pottasium channel openers except A. Cromakalim B. Minoxidil C. Glibenclamide D. Pinacidil
4. Following are the pottasium sparing diuretics except A. Amileride B. Triamterene C. Chlorthalidone D. Spirunolactone
5. Phase I of cardiac action potential is called as A. Rapid depolarization B. RepolarizationC Plateu D. Partial repolarization
6. Haemostasis A. Adhesion & netivation of platelets B. Fibrin formation C. Vascular coninaction D. All of the above
7.Elfect of decreased vitamin K on the action of Warfarin A. Enhanced anticoapulatory elfvct B. Decreased anticuagulatory effect C. No effoct D. Unpredictable effect
8. Somatotropin is A. Growth hormune B. Growth hormune-releusing honnone C. Sumatestatin D. None of the above
9. 'A' chain if the Insulin has. dinino acids A. 21 B. 30 C. ID. SI
10. Degradation of Insulin occur primurily in A. Liver B. Kidney C. Masele D. All of the above
Attempt any 2 que. S marks each
1. Give a brief discription of Coagulants. 2. Write a note on Hematinies 3. Note on Anteior Pitutary hormones.
Attempt any one que. 10 marks
4. What is Hypertension ? Give classification with their mechanism of action.
5. Classify Diuretics. Discuss MOA, P'cological oetion, side effocts and uses of High effi acy diuretics.

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