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2nd sess Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II

BPharmacy, 3rd Semester, 2019 - Question Paper

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-By Private account -Mar. 10, 2020

2nd sess Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II BPharmacy 3rd semester 2019 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

B. Pharm. 3" Sem. 2nd sessional Theory Exam. Pharm. Org. Chem. I.
Roll No .... 06-1-2020 MM: 30 Time 1 Hr
Q1: Attempt all the questions (1X10)
Saponification is done:
i) By alkali hydrolysis ii) By acids i) By salts iv) All of these.
The number of OH groups in fats can be expressed as:
A) B)
Polenske number ii) lodine value i) Acetyl value iv) RM value
Which is fused cyclic aromatic compound:
i) C) i)
The main sources of polynuclear hydrocarbons are:
Biphenyl. ii) Diphenyl methane i) Diphenylamine iv) Naphthalene
Biogas and petroleum i) Natural gas ii) Petroleum iv) Coal tar and petroleum
In addition reaction of naphthalene all atoms of bromine add on:
In Friedal crafts alkylation AICI, is used to generate:
Same ring il) Other ring ii) Both the rings iv) None of
pove F) i) G)
Strong nucleophile i) Strong electrophile i) Weak nucleophile iv) Weak electrophile
Which of the following compound has highest ring strain?
i) H)
Cyclopropane li) Cyclobutane ii) Cyclopentane iv) Cyclomethane
Which of the following compound has the least ring strain?
i) 1)
Cyclopropane i) Cyclohexane i) Cyclopentane v) Cycloheptane
Which of the following cycloalkanes has the largest heat of combustion per carbon atom:
i) Cyclopropane il) Cycloheptane ii) Cyclopentane iv) Cyclohexane
Sulphonation of naphthalene at 165°C gives:
1-naphthalene sulphonic acid i) 2-naphthalene sulphonic acid i) 3-naphthalene sulphonic acid v) 1 and 2 -
naphthalene sulphonic acid
Attempt any two of the following: (2X5)
Q2: Describe various methods of synthesis of naphthalene.
Q3): Describe various methods of synthesis of anthracene.
Q4): Give synthesis of phenenthraquinone and medicinal uses of phenanthrene and its derivatives.
Attempt any two of the following: (1X10)
Q5: Write a detailed note on the analysis of oils and fats.
Q6: Discuss Baeyer's Strain Theory and Sachse-Mohr Theory of srrainless rings.

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