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2nd sess Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

BPharmacy, 5th Semester, 2019 - Question Paper

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2nd sess Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence BPharmacy 5th semester 2019 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

College of Pharmacy, PGIMS UHS Rohtak
2d Sessional examination- 2018
B. Pharm. V semester (Pharmaceutical Jurisprudencel
Time: 1 hr Max marks: 30
10 marks
1. Schedule M of D&C act consists of:
a) GMP b) GLP c) Both d) None
2. DPCO Was passed in
a) 1995 b) 1994 c) 1992 d) 2003
3. Life Periods of Drugs comes under schedule
a) Schedule F b) Schedule P c) Schedule O. d) Schedule S
4. Standards for surgical dressings come under
a) Schedule N b) Schedule O c) Schedule F d) Schedule P
5. The use of Indian hemp plant requires specific license under which of the
a) Medicinal & Toilet Preparations Act b) Drugs & Magic Remedies Act c) Drugs and Cosmetic Act d)
Pharmacy Act owing act
6. Which Schedule of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 provides
a) Schedule J b) Schedule I Schedule S d) Schedule iR
7. Which of the following disease is not listed in the schedule
a) Diarrhoca b ) Deafness c ) Diabetes d) Dropsy
8. GMP for Rasa Aushadhis is the part of which of the following schedule?
1) Schedule M 2) Schedule J 3) Schedule T 4) Schedule C
9. Consider the following statements about National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA):
1. NPPA comes under Union Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
2. NPPA enforce prices and availability of the medicines under the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 1995/2013
Select the correct answer using the code given below: a) I only6) 2 only e) Both I and 2 d) Neither I nor 2
10. Supreme court banned Jallikattu under which of the following acts?
a) The prevention of cruelty to Animals Act 1960 b) The prevention of cruelty to animals'act 1970 c) Environment
prevention act 4) Animal welfare act
andards for Cosmetics?
of Drugs & Magic Remedies Act 1954?
10 marks
Write a note on: (Attempt any two)
1. Constitution and functions of Narcotic and psychotropie consultative committee.
2. Institutional Animal Ethical Committee
3. Drug Price control Order 2013
10 marks
Manufacture in bond and outside bond in medicinal and toilet preparation act
Write a detailed note on Drugs and Magic Remedies Act.

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