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2nd sess Pathophysiology

BPharmacy, 2nd Semester, 2019 - Question Paper

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2nd sess Pathophysiology BPharmacy 2nd semester 2019 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

Sub. : Pathophysiology B.Pharm. 2nd sem Max. Marks: 30 2" Sessional Exam MCQ 1 mark each
1. Which of the following is not a clinical manifestation of hyperuricemia: A. Acute gouty arthritis B. Nephrolithiasis C.
Osteoarthritis D. Gouty Nephropathy
2. Cancer is caused by:- A. Uncontrolled mitosis B. uncontrolled meiosis C. Rupturing of cell D. loss of immunity of cells
3. Cancer of beta lymphocytes is called:- A. Sarconia B. Melonoma C. Myeloma D. Carcinoma
4. All are CD 4+ cells except:- A. Monocytes B. T-Helper cells C. T cytotoxic cells D. Macroph
5. TB is caused by:- A. infected water B. Infected hands C. Infected blood D. Infected air
6. Myelin is an Insulated layer around:- A. Nerves B. Bones C. Cartilage D, Blood vessels
7. The primary cause of heart failure is:- A. Aterial hypertention B. Coronary Atherosclerosis C. Myocardial Dysfunction D.
Valvular dysfunction
8. Hepatitis A:- A. A self benign , self-limiting diseases B. incubation period 1-4 months C. cause fulminant hepatitis D. IgM is
not a reliable marker of acute infection.
9. What kind of virus is HIV:- A. rotavirus B. retrovirus C. rhinovirus D. coronavirus.
10. Death can result due to meningitis caused by:- A. Virus B. Bacteria C. Fungi D. Amoeba
11. Define the Pathophysiology of Osteophorsis.
12. Define Typhoid and its pathophysiology.
13. Define and classify cancer.
14. Write a note on Myocardial Infarction.
15. Describe hypertention and its pathophysiology.

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