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2nd sess Formulative Pharmacy

BPharmacy, 5th Semester, 2019 - Question Paper

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2nd sess Formulative Pharmacy BPharmacy 5th semester 2019 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

Formulative Pharmacy 2nd Sessional 30 MARKS 5th SEM QI MCQ
Which of the following is not official test for quality control of tablets?
wt. variation b)
Which of the following is used as both diluent and binder in tablets ?
Lactose b)Starch e) Sorbitol d) Both a & b
1. а) hardness c) content uniformity d) friability a) 3. e) both b& e
Maillard reaction occurs with
a)Hydrous lactose and amine groups
lactose and HCI
b) anhydrous lactose and amine groups c) Hyd
lactose and HCI d) anhydrous
Sucrose 90-93 % and invert sugar 7-10 % is called
Avicel is PH 101 and PH 102
a) b) Dipac c) Nu Tab dy NuPa 5. a) Both are powder b) Both are Granules c) owder d) 101 is granules srical POIMS 6.
Which of the following are known as modified
rches Primogel
If average weight of tablet is 175 mg then allowed oercent wt variation as per USP is
10% b) 7.5 % a) b) Explotab c) Ac-Di-Soi d) both a & b e) all a,b & c 7 a)
8 Subcoating is used for
moisture barrier e) 5% 15%
c) round the tablet edges d)both b & c
9 Name the dissolution Apparatus IV as per USP
10 Name type and sources of gelatin
Q2: a). Desceribe the evaluation tests for eye drops and eye ointments
b). Explain formulation and labelling condition for eye lotion
Explain the tablet coating defects with reason (5*2)
Q3: Define Granulation and its types. Describe tablet Compression cycle with diagram (10)
b) hardening the tablet surface

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