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2nd sess Biochemistry

BPharmacy, 2nd Semester, 2019 - Question Paper

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2nd sess Biochemistry BPharmacy 2nd semester 2019 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

Second Sessional Exam - Biochemistry
Time -1 Hr Max marks - 0
Q. 1. Outlite the reactions of Krebs cycle. Give the details of eneray production in Krebs cycle. Explain its ampfibolle rile.
10 or
Ouline the process of beta-oxidation of fatty zcids. Explain how much ATP is generated when a molecule of palmitic acid is
oxidised by beta-coidation?
Q. 2. Write notes on any twe
215-10 i. Beri-beri
E Onidative phosphorylation ii. Urea cycle
Q3. Multiple choice questions
Ix 10
i. Pernicius anemia is due to the deficiency of-
A. Vitamin BI B. Vitamin B6 C. Folie acid D, vitamin B12
il. Vitamin C deficiency results in-
A. Pellagra B. Cheilosis
C. Seurny D. Burning feet syndron
ii. Megaloblastic nemia is due to the deficiencgy of-
A. Vitamin BI B. Vitamin B6 C. Folie acid iv. Ketosis refers to
A. Increased formation of ketone bodies B. Decressed formation of ketane bodies C. Increased formation of acetyt CoA D.
Increased oxidation of fatty acids
v. Acetyl CoA is used in the -
A. Krehs cyele B. Fatty acid C. Cholesterol synhesis D. All the above
vi. Normal serum cholesterel level is-
A. 20-22 mg/dl. B. 80-120 mg/dl. C. g/dL D. 6-8 p'dl
vii. Deamination refers to the process of-
A. Addition of ammonia to a keto acid B. Removal of ammonia from an amino acid C. Transfer of ammonia from ene amino
acid to a keto acid
D. Removal of ammonia from the kidneys
viii. Phenylalanine is a-
A. Nonessential amino acid B. Essential amino acid C semiessential amino acid D. An essential futy ncid
ix. Phenylketonuria refers to -
A. Excretion of phenylalanine in urine B. Excretion of tyrosine in urine C. Deficiency of enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylas D.
Deficiency of enzyme phenylalanine decarboxylase
x. Ammonia from brain is removed as-
A Urea B. Glutamic acid C. Glutnmine D. Creatinine torical PGMS

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