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1st sess Physical Pharmaceutics II

BPharmacy, 4th Semester, 2020 - Question Paper

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1st sess Physical Pharmaceutics II BPharmacy 4th semester 2020 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

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1" Theory Sessional Examination
Time: Ih
Mukiple Choice Quedionu 10 Marksj:
B.Phamacy 4 Semester (Physical Phannaceutks
MM. 30
I The Protective abilky of celleids is measred as
* Zeta potestial b Streming potential . Goldaumber e of the ahove
2. In Sol, the dispersed phase and dispersion mediam are
a Solid and liquid b Liquid and liquid . Solid and solid a Liguid and Gas
The nit of serisce tennien in the Cas sysiem ia
3. . KGkm Dyncalem a tysesm 4.
Shaper of drops of liguid are spherikel becanse ef
Vacosky b. Cectivity Absorption Sarface tesin 5.
On incrcasing the tamperatere, he fce temim of the lpid
Incremes b. Decreases Remairo constant d None of the mentioned
Which of dhe fellewing is a
an application of artace tenin
Use ef sonp and detergents as clenning agests
b Molecalar structare can be chcidated by warface
. Surfactanta are incorporated in preparations
d Al of the mentioned
The rise in the level of a liquid in a tebe is h. If
mcarementa duugh pracher vahes
amount is poured oside, what will be the new sise in lignid levelt
b. he 47 P
Which of dhe folloning coribete t
reaen behind the crigin of varface tension?
b Only adbesive forees
c. Neither coheuive forces nor adhesive foroes
Iloath cohesive sarces and adhcuive forcea
d. 9.
Whae is thie sine of collokdal partices?
10 20 m More than 20nm Lea than Im a 30 to 50 m
10 Whee dees colloidal seletion find sppiation in
la milk industries
h la chromatic chanical induaries
. Ia crystallopraphy d. In textiles
Attempe any cne (10 Marks
Q.1 Explain dop weipht and drop cont mehod far determinration of srface tenaion.
Q2 Define Surtactanta Eisplain the mechaniun of fomaticn of micelea with dagran.
Attempe any wo425 Maks
Q.1 Give pharmaceutical and medical application of serfactants.
Q2 fisplain haw cationic amphiphiles posuca atibacterial activity againat gram acgative organiume
QJ isplsin how amphiphiles above CMC decrease effectivmess of hexylresorcinol towards pirwoms
Downloaded from HK Technical PGIMS
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