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1st sess Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II

BPharmacy, 3rd Semester, 2019 - Question Paper

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-By Private account -Nov. 14, 2019

1st sess Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II BPharmacy 3rd semester 2019 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

B. Pharm. 3" Sem. 1" sessional Theory Exam. Pharm. Org. Chem. II. MM: 30 TIime 1 Hr Roll No... .. 06-11-2019
Q1: Attempt all the questions (1x10)
A) The carbon atoms in benzene ring are:
sp hybridized i) sp' hybridized i) p hybridized v None of these.
Which catalyst is used during halogenation of benzene:
e) i) C)
Lewis acid i) Lewis base li) Platinum iv) Ni/Pt
Which of the following is most acidic:
DI Sulphonation of phenol at 37OK gives:
Renzyl alcohol ) Cyclohexanol Phenol iv) m-chlarophenol
P-isomer i) o-isomer iii) m-isomer iM) All of above
i) E) Ncal
When aniline is heated with chloroform and alcoholic KOH, the praduct is:
i) F)
Benzonitrile i) p-Chloroaniline i) Phenylisocyanide iv) p-Chloroaniline
Libermann's nitroso reaction is used to identify:
i) G)
1° amine i) 2" amine i) 3* amine iv) 4" amine
The use of nitraus acid in the diazotization of aromatic amine is:
Supress hydrolysis to give phenol i) Neutralise the base liberated i) Act as a source of electrophilic nitrosonium
ian iv) Does all the above three
Which of the following is not a carboxylic acid:
Malonic acid i) Acetic acid i) Picric acid iv) Adipic acid
Electrophillic substitution reactions in aromatic acids occur only at:
Acyl chlorides are made by reacting aromatic acids with:
o-position i) m-position i p-position iv) All of above
PCI, i) PCI, i) SOCI, iv) All of above
Attempt any two of the following: (2X5)
Q2: Describe various methods of synthesis of Phenols.
Q3): Describe with mechanism Curtius and Schmidt reactions of ararnatic acids.
Q4): Give structure and medicinal uses of DDT and Resorcinol.
Attempt any one of the following: (1X10)
a5: Describe synthetic applications of diazonium salts including synthesis of methyl orange.
Q6: Discuss structural elucidation of benzene in detail.

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