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1st sess Pharmaceutical Analysis I

BPharmacy, 1st Semester, 2017 - Question Paper

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1st sess Pharmaceutical Analysis I BPharmacy 1st semester 2017 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

B.Pharm. 1" Sem. 1* sessional theory examination (P.Analysis) Time 90 Min. M.M. 30
Note:- Attempt any five of the fottowing.
Q.1:- Define Normality, Molarity and Formality citing suitable example. Calculate the normality and
molarity of a solution containing 9.8 gram of H2SO, in 250 ml of the solution.
Q.2:- Differentiate precision and accuracy with the help of suitable example(s). Write a brief note on
significant figures.
Q.3:- Define error. Discuss sources, types and method of minimizing errors.
Q4. What are theories of acid base indicators. Dicuss the theory and neutralization curve involved in
titration of strong acid and a strong base.
05:- Elaborate concept of non-aqueous titrations. Discuss types and effects of non-aqueous solvents.
Q.6: How will you estimate sodium benzoate and ephedrine hydrochloride by non-aqueous titration.

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