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1st sess Pathophysiology

BPharmacy, 2nd Semester, 2019 - Question Paper

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1st sess Pathophysiology BPharmacy 2nd semester 2019 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

Sub. : Pathophysiology B.Pharm. 2" sem 1" Sessional Exam Max. Marks: 30 MCQ I mark cach
1. Pernicious Anemia cause obaormally formed :- A. WBC B. RBC C. T ce's D. All of above
2. Thalasesemia cause defects in :- A. Gene B. chromosomes C. DNA D. WB:
3. Cooley's discases is also known as :- A. Beta Thalassemia B. Beta Syndrom: C. Beta anemia D. None of these
4. Anemia can contribute to whih of these among older adults?:- A. More fuli. B.High bluod pressure CDiminisbeu
5. Melaplasia is a :- A. reversible change B. Irreversible change C. Intlammatoy Change D. Post-inlectious state.
6. Prussian blue is used to stain:- A. Hemosiderin B. Cacium C. Glycogen D. myloid
7. Apoptotic bodies are :-A. clumbed chromtin hodies B. pyknotic nucieus wiihout organelles C. cell membranc bound with organelles D. no nucleus with
8. Bradykinesia of parkinson's disease is - A. Hurried movements B. Slowne s of movements C. Small handwriting D. soft speech
9. Alzheimer's is most common form of :-A. Malnutrition B. Dementia C. Fa igue D. psychosis
10. Main diff b/w simple and complex partial scizures is :- A. unilareral ar bil-teral B. Focal or Generalized C. consciousness or uncanciousnéss D. absence or
presence of aura.
Altempt any 2 que. 5 marks each
1. Discuss the Pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease?
2. Write a note on mediators involved in inflammation?
3. Explain role of Dopamine in Parkinson's discase?
Attempt any one que. 10 marks
1. What is peptic ulcer? Explain its pathogenesis.
2. What is Anemia and its types? Describe Iron Deticiency anemia, its causes, symptoms and managements.

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