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1st sess Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BPharmacy, 2nd Semester, 2019 - Question Paper

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1st sess Human Anatomy and Physiology II BPharmacy 2nd semester 2019 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

B. Pharm, 2d Semester
1" sessional Exam. May 2019
M.M.30 Time-lhr
1. Megakaryotes produce-
a) Leucocytes b) Lymphacytes c)Bone Cells
d) Blood platelets (thrombocytes)
2. During blood clotting-platelets release-
a) Thrombin
b) Fibrinogen c) Prothrombin d) Thrombokinase and other blood clotting factor
3. In developing foetus erythroblastosis foetalis is caused by
a) Haemolysis b) Clumping of RBCS c) Failure of blood clotting d) Phagocytosis by WBC
4. What is the correct order of these events?
a) Conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin
b) Clot retraction and leakage of serum
c) Thromboplastin formation
d) Conversion of prothrombia to thrombin.
5. Bicuspid valve /mitral valve is found between-
a) Left atrium and left ventricle b) Right atrium and right ventricle
c)Right atrium and left ventricle d) Left atrium and right ventricle
6. SA node is located in
a) Upper lateral wall of left atrium
c) Lower lateral wall of right atrium
b)Lawer lateral wall of left atrium
d) Upper lateral wall of right atrium
7.cardiac centre can moderate the cardiac function through-
a) Somatic neural System
c) Autonomic nervous system
b) Parasympathetic nervous system only
d) Sympathetic nervous system only.
8. P-wave represents-
a) Depolarization of ventricles
e) Repolarization of atria
b) Repolarization of ventricle
d) Depolarization of atria
9. Electrocardiogram is a measure of-
a) Heart rate b) Ventricular contraction e) Volume of blood pumped d) Electrical activity of heart
10 Which of the following blood cells is involved in antibody production.
a) B-Lymphoeytes e) RBC b) T-Lymphocytes d) Neutrophils 10 Attempt one of two II. I.
Describe the lymphatic system and outline its functions.
a) Give an account of the position and structure of the Heart. What factors influence the Heart rate
b}Define cardiac eycle and cardiac output.
Ix10 Attempt two of three
IV What do you understand by clotting of blood? What condition(a) hasten (b) hinder clotting.
V Give an account of the of blood what substance in diet are necessary for the formation of blood?
Vi Compare and contrast the structure of a vein and an artery, How is venous blood retumed to the heart from the limbs.

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