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1st sess Formulative Pharmacy

BPharmacy, 5th Semester, 2019 - Question Paper

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-By Private account -Nov. 14, 2019

1st sess Formulative Pharmacy BPharmacy 5th semester 2019 Previous Year's Question Papers/Notes Download - HK Technical PGIMS

Formulative Pharmecy QI. MCQ (10 MARKS)
1. Intrinsic solubility measured at temperature 4 or 5 "C because
A) To support biopharmaceutical evaluation B) to ensure good stability C) to extend short term storage D) both B & CE) both A & C
2. Injections should lie in pH range . to prevent tissue damage
3. What is full fom of DSC
4. Particles show poor flow when Car's index is ..
A 23-35
5 Cake formation is the feature of
A Flocculated Suspension
6. Ideal phase volume ratio for stable emulsions
a) 25:75
7 O/W microemulsions containing hydrophilic surfactants produces
8 Which of following act as cosolvent for preformulation studies
a) Methanol
9. Enteric coated type tablet are which
a) dissolve in oral cavity b) dissolve in stornach e) dissolve in intestine d) given by injection
10. Give fonnula for hausner's ratio
Q2 Give complete classification of tablets. Explaining any two with example? 5 MARKS
Q3. Write a note on effect of any two of following in preformulation studies
a). Polymerization
Q4. Describe the scope of preformulation stt.dies. Give classification of physicochemical propertics. Write a note on role particle size distribution and powder flow
properties in preformulation studies, 10 MARES
TIME :I HR 2-5 B) 3-9 C) 5-10 D)None of these в 12-16 C 33-38 D 18-21
B deflocculated Suspension
C Thix opie Suspension D Structured Suspension snicol PGIMS b) 50:50 c) 33:66 d) None of the above Translucent emulsion b) Transparent emulsion c) Milky white emulsion
d) Intense white emulsion
b) Ethanol c) DMSO d) all of these
b) Oxidation c). pK. 5 MARKS

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